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Get to Know Shari
and Her Philosophy

Shari Clemens psychic readings in Midland Texas or remote video conferences.

Read about Shari in OC Weekly:

Shari Clemens Feng Shui Psychic article OC Weekly magazine review.


Shari Clemens

Healer and Feng Shui Master

Shari has evolved from a fashion designer and licensed architectural interior designer into a designer and healer of the future. She has been nicknamed the Feng Shui Psychic because of her abilities to tap into multiple levels of energy and knowledge while working as a feng shui consultant.  Shari was one of the forerunners consulting and teaching the power of feng shui in the United States.  She has helped thousands of individuals and families find new strength, new focus, and new understanding of the connectivity we have with everything and everyone around us. 


Shari's quantum awareness of energy also allows her to read human energy fields, earth energies, communicate with deceased humans and many different types of consciousness.  By accessing what science now calls “The Field", she is also able to communicate with our star families and other high consciousness Beings of Light.  These talents allowed her to do long distance readings and consultations long before the 2020 push to do virtual meetings changed our lives.

Shari’s work has expanded from designing healthy, sacred spaces to helping her clients expand their personal lives using a large tool box of research and experience.  Her continued study of hypnosis, biodecoding, reiki, The Reconnection Technique, numerology and multiple other healing modalities allows her to tap into a library full of information to share with her clients and students.


In Shari's years of lecturing and teaching, her clients and audiences are guided to physical and emotional healing, personal growth and a new view of themselves and the world around them.  Her clients begin to step into their personal power and purpose to aid the planet in creating an environment of peace and conscious living. 


Shari's multiple gifts and talents have been a guiding force to bring us into this Now moment in time. When we realize our Divine birthright of power, we can then move through these challenging times with ease and grace.  This is the time that we must awaken to new paradigms, dimensions and unseen realities that affect our world, our personal lives and those we love the most.  It has been Shari's life mission to be a catalyst in this awakening and healing of Humanity.

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