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Abusers Beware

One of the most difficult challenges abused and battered women face, other than the courage to leave a bad relationship, is how to defend themselves. Now there is a way to defend themselves and their children, and to change the behavior of the abuser, as well. The humorous part is, the aggressors don't even know what "hit" them!

The challenge began when a lecture attendee was afraid to burn candles, do clearings, or move furniture in her home, because her husband was suspicious that she was doing something against him any time she deviated from the patterns he had settled into.

The solution was simple, but very powerful. She began bathing in lavender rich tub before retiring at night. The result was 8-10 hours a night of relaxing, peaceful aromatherapy for the threatening, sleeping partner.

A transformation in attitude and personality was noticed almost immediately. In less than a week, the woman called to tell me her husband had never been as rational or soft spoken in their entire relationship!

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