Ascension Symptoms

Karen Bishop has the best list of Ascension Symptoms I have seen. This fact does not surprise me since I have followed her work for many years and find she is always "spot on" in reading the energies of the emerging Human Angels and the New Planet Earth.

If you are one of millions of humans experiencing "weird, painful" realities, please read. For those of us, like myself, that awakened in the '80's and '90's we had similar symptoms, but had others as well. With this knowledge in hand, perhaps you can consider re-evaluating your distress and open yourself to other causes for your discomfort and "weirdness".

This list is not given as medical advise and should only be used as an alternative cause of some mental, emotional and physical imbalances. As always, use your Divine discernment when evaluating your need for medical care.

I will share, in the near future, some of the current sources of imbalances we are all experiencing. Part of my mission is to aid others, especially those just beginning to enter into this new state of consciousness, and help walk them through and understand what is happening. If you, personally, have questions contact me and hopefully I can assist you or direct you to others who can be of service to you as you transition.

Hold on to your hat and your energy fields for we are going through some intense changes in human behavior and spiritual evolution!

With all due respect and blessings to all of you as we travel together through these changes.

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