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Breakup, Shakeup

There is hardly a person alive that has not gone through, at least once in their life, the sorrow, the heartache, the devastation of the loss of a dear relationship. The relationship can be a romantic relationship, a dear friend or even a family member. Ending can occur through death, divorce, break-up, arguments, any number of ways. It matters not how the loss is created, the raw emotions are the same. Often loss of self awareness without the connection to that Dear One is often a difficult process to begin to heal.

As you begin to rebuild and create your new Inner World, you can jump start your new life by creating a new Outer World. This journey through a "Dark Night of the Soul" can actually move faster and become a wonderful exercise in self observation and environmental awareness. More often than not, people are not conscious of how they create, in their living and working environments, mirrors of their subconscious beliefs. For instance, often in my years as a consultant, many single women will have a home full of art work depicting the image of one woman, one empty chair, one animal, one of almost anything. The energy behind the unconscious collecting of such art is one of being alone. With a new awareness of what they are doing, they can begin to modify their selections and begin to create a different environment and life for themselves.

It is my sincere hope that this list will assist you and others you know in healing broken hearts and begin the journey of self awareness and self empowerment to create the life of your dreams.


Shakeup outdated environmental energies for new direction & relationships

Using the power of Feng Shui

By Shari Clemens

1. Look for possible causes of an unconscious desire to be alone or feel alone.

a. Art with single people, objects, or theme.

b. Single chairs in the romance corners of rooms.

c. Cluttered closets and cabinets that do not allow someone else to share

your space.

d. Landscaping that has thorns, dead plants, clutter or is unkept.

2. Decide if you live in a home that has a missing relationship/romance corner.

3. Clear space of all previous relationships.

a. If purchasing a new bed is not an option, buying new sheets will help clear intimate environments in the bedroom

b. Love letters, mementos, gifts of jewelry, etc. keep the energy of a lover ever close after a breakup. Releasing as much as possible allows new energy to enter and freedom to manifest a new relationship.

4. Decide consciously if a needed break for self realization is needed or a new relationship is what you really desire.

a. If rediscovery of self is in order, placing pictures of yourself (or symbols of things that represent your “new” self) are great in the romance/relationship corners of each room. This sends the intention of self love and appreciation.

b. If you desire to find new love quickly, write lists of the qualities you want to manifest in a new relationship and put in the romance/relationship corners. Pairs of anything are a good way to send your intentions for a partner.

5. Be kind to yourself.

a. Treat yourself with gifts, experiences, dates that you would like to have shared with a new relationship. This can be with yourself or someone new. Flowers in the house are a great way to start.

b. Add splashes of bright cheerful color to your space. Pillows, colored vases, minerals, etc. are useful in transforming our living spaces into new, exciting and happy places to be after a long and trying day.

6. In Asian medicine, we hold grief in our lungs. Help yourself breathe better to release the pain of grief and loss.

a. Air purifiers are a great help in any household. They are special aids when we are going thru a grieving process. They help lighten the air we breathe and clear it of toxins and pollutants that can hinder our physical/emotional healing.

b. Stargazer lilies, jasmine, gardenias and other sweet smelling flowers in the house makes us take deep breaths to enjoy their wonderful fragrances. Consciously, we can say to ourselves “I breathe in the sweetness of life”.

7. Crystal therapy aids in the restoration of happiness and self love.

a. Apache Tears are very good friends to carry with you when you are grieving. Put them next to you or hold them while you watch TV. They are also share their gifts when you put them next to your bed at night or sleep with them under your pillow.

b. Malachite is a re-balancer of heart energy. It is great in healing the heart chakra of trauma and drama.

c. Turquoise is another aid in supporting the lungs where we may be holding emotions of grief.

d. Rose quartz brings in love for both yourself and aids in finding true love from a partner.

8. Be careful not to create love triangles.

a. Walk through your home and office and see if you have arranged art, furniture, or

accessories in groups of three. These groupings, especially in romance corners, can create love triangles that are rarely pleasant.

9. Watch what you read and listen to.

a. Become very aware of what books, magazines and general reading material you have

in your environment and what you are reading during this time in your life. Lonesome Dove,

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, or Nobody’s Darling are not the kind of energy conducive to manifesting romance in your life.

b. Music is also important in creating the love life that you wish to create. Stay away

from music that speaks of ‘love lost’ or ‘wounded hearts’. Listening over and over to that kind

of message will certainly keep a lonely person in a single mind set. Flood your house with melodies of eternal love, beautiful meetings, joyful reunions, etc. Create through music that relationship

you wish to be a part of.

10. Design a new, fresh start for yourself.

a. New beginnings can be challenging but they can also be really exciting! A great way to set the intention to wipe the past clean and begin anew is PAINT! New colors can shift your entire perspective on life. Go happy colors! Try to stay away for “ordinary” or earth tones. Also don’t go with blue tones at this time. (There is a reason depression is called the “blues”. Blue is a color that is known to often create sadness and depression if used in large doses in our environment.

b. If you live in an apartment where painting is out of the question, buy a new bedspread, recover dining room chair seats, change throw pillows and throw rugs. These are simple solutions that will create an entirely new environment to more closely resemble the new You that you are creating!

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