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Rising Above

Oh Wow! What an interesting experience I am having. It is the early hours of New Year's Eve and I have already been up several hours re-balancing my energy field. Some people would call what I am feeling a psychic attack. I guess you could say that is what it is. The truth is, the "attacker" is not directly attacking me but coming through a Host source. I'll explain.

There is an individual that I know who would love to do harm to my reputation and life. Sad situation but true. Many people can understand that kind of malice and have experienced it their own lives. Sometimes these angry individuals are called "energy vampires" or "psychic attackers". In my case, I have learned how to disengage from this particular attacker and have been successful in disallowing a breach in my

own energy field from vicious thoughts, words and other forms of attack from her. I am usually very aware when something is being "thrown" at me, but can re-balance quickly.

The interesting challenge today is....a near and dear friend of mine has allowed this angry Soul into his world. This is his choice which should not have anything to do with me. However, I awoke this morning, not for the first time, in full awareness that he is being used as a "host" source to connect with me. Energetically, it is much like using an extension cord to connect one source of energy to feed into another field of energy. My Dear Friend has become the extension cord and I am now "plugged into" the anger and attack via him. The sad part of all of this is, as aware of energies as he is, he is not aware of how he is being used nor how this is affecting me.

My point in describing all of this is to bring awareness to how inter-connected we all are. It also reminds me that Who and What I choose to align myself with not only has consequences on my life but the lives of everyone I associate with. If my dearest Friend can be unaware of his role as Host, then perhaps I am allowing myself to become a Host for someone else. Oh Dear, I hope I don't play that part.

As I position myself behind an invisible

short wall and watch this battle play itself out (much like watching a movie as an uninvolved observer) it is very interesting to observe how humans jockey themselves to "feed" or attack on each other energetically. There are thousands of books written on the subject of psychic attacks, etc. but to detach oneself and become the Observer of how we as humans will find a "feed" of energy is astonishing to me. James Redfield's wonderful book The Celestine Prophecy describes this sort of "feeding" very well. Some people can literally "See" with their eyes the way this exchange of energy transpires. I, personally, do not have that sort of sight but, as an empath, easily discern when it is occurring.

As I prepare myself for the New Year with new hopes and dreams, I will use this insight to be personally more aware of where, who and

what I align myself with in 2014 and beyond. What a wonderful teacher this angry Soul is. I choose to be thankful, yet again, for the amazing spiritual lessons she allows me to learn from her. What a priceless gift she has become.

It is my great hope that we All create 2014 as our best year ever and play well together. With love and respect to All that read this, thank you for spending your time with me as I venture into yet another chapter of Life's book.


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