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Empaths, HSPs and Holidays

This message is dedicated to all Empaths/HSPs that are experiencing some intense emotions and physical imbalances this time of year. This year especially, the planetary alignments, comets buzzing by, meteors making record breaking appearances, and sunflares are all shifting our vibrational fields. No one on beautiful Planet Earth is immune from the changes that all these cosmic events are making on us. We are being changed, forever, emotionally, physically, consciously, spiritually. Humans are entering into the new phase of evolution in warp speed.

In addition to the Galaxy taking Empaths on a wild ride, we then add the High holiday season for many cultures and religions. BAM! We just upped the vibrations to the "Crazy" level. Not only are we adding the excitement and stress from millions of humans running around preparing feasts and parties, but then we have to add the stress of financial burdens and awareness to many of these millions of "off center/unaware" Souls struggling to make through another year. Then comes another BAM of outside influence on Empaths! Media. Dear Ole Media. The source of so much chaos, conditioning and mind control that is determined to make our lives better by laying a guilt trip on our subconcious minds that We Need more, We Need to give more, We Need to buy certain products to look better so that we will be more loveable and successful. And let us not forget the exchange of differing vibrational fields we encounter at family wonder so many of us just want to jump in bed and pull the comfortable blankets over our energy fields. It is just TOO much!

I understand this because for a week I have been challenged with deep feelings of sadness, anxiety and overload. As I checked in with friends, they are also experiencing crying spells and other off balance emotions. I took my intuition's call last night and was going to take a short nap about 4:00 pm. Well, my body did not arise until about 10:30 pm. I drank a lovely cup of hot tea and returned to the shelter of my blankies and was guarded until 6:00 this morning. Oh how lovely solitude and escape of the mind and senses can be. The beauty of the retreat was that there were no drugs (legal or not legal) used to travel to the remote space of peace and safety.

As I prepare myself for, yet another, day of intense awareness of outside stimulation I will send out loving thoughts and prayers to all those who are allowing themselves to "feel" and awaken from the deep sleep of unconsciousness. I will remember that this is just the beginning of a new human experience. These challenges that Empaths, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers and all other HSPs are walking through, with great courage, are the seeds of a new Planet Earth. A planet of compassion, tolerance, non-judgement and realization of the unity that webs us into One.

I invoke blessings on all Humanity and especially the Way-Showers as we "feel" our way through the darkness to the Light of the Divine.

With all due respect for Humanity and our extended Star Family, Thank you for your love and support through this evolution in Time and Space.


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