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Feng Shui 101

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

When I was first starting out my feng shui practice in the mid-90's (before books were out in English) my clients seemed to have a common problem. Too much STUFF! One of my original clients was a hoarder and wanted me to tell her where to put the crystals and chimes in her home so her life would change and she would live "Happily Ever After". She was not at all happy when I informed her that cures such as those would not do any good. That she first must clear her home of all the piles and piles of belongings and trash.

She could not wrap her head around the concept of the project so I sat down and wrote/"heard" this invaluable list. It has been a God send to thousands of people over the years as they struggle with the task of letting go of material possessions and re-evaluating their true needs. I have my clients print the list out and take it to a copy store and have a poster made out of it so they can see it easily in each room as they go throughout the entire space.

I hope it will help each of you as you examine EVERYTHING in your environment and ask each of these questions for each possession you have in your home or office......



1. Do I use it?

(If you only use it a couple of times a year, get rid of it and borrow it those

few times.)

2. Do I NEED it?

(Ask yourself do your really need this article in your it necessary?)

3. Does it bring joy into my life?

(Do you look at this often and it brings up joyful feelings?)

4. Is it broken, damaged or inoperable?

(If it is broken or not operating, fix it or throw it out!)

5. If I lost it in a fire would I replace it exactly as it is?

(Would you replace it in the exact same color, size, etc.? Don't wait and hope

you will get into a smaller dress/pant size. It will be out of date if it

ever happens!)

6. Would I put it in my wealth corner to be manifested 100 times?

(When I wrote this question down I saw a pair of Eiffel Tower salt and pepper I want 100 of them? If I had 100 computers I could donate them, but

not 100 Eiffel Tower souvenirs!)

7. What image, thought or energy is it sending to the Universe for me?

(Often in homes art work will have single images or single people in them.

This energy will send forth the thought of being alone. I also have seen a

picture of a Mexican Bullfight over a single man's bed...guess how lucky he

was getting?!)

8. Does it bring in past energy that has negative thoughts, memories or

Emotions associated with it?

(Love letters from old lovers, old legal papers of proceedings from the past that

generate negative memories, gifts from people that you have had a falling

out with etc. can all affect you.)

9. If I were called to move 5 times next year, do I want to pack this object and pay

to have it moved that often?

(The question says it all.)

10. Will this be of pleasure or use to my heirs?

(Often people will hold on to their "treasures" for their children to inherit when

they have no desire for any of it at all.)

***This article will show you some of the ways energies can affect us and we are not even aware....but I am!

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