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Indigos and Autistic Children

When I was asked, 10 years ago, to write about my experiences with autistic children, I didn't feel qualified. My experience with the autistic was very limited. However, after I thought "out of the box" and saw these beautiful Souls as "Indigos", my perspective broadened.

Long before the term Indigo Children was spoken, I was waist high in the challenges and joys these children can bring. In 1980, as a young mother, I realized my daughter was not normal. At four months old she was performing, according to Parent Magazine, on a 1-year-old level. At 1 1/2 years old I was dealing with a quasi 6-year-old. By the time she was 2 1/2 I needed some answers fast! I quietly, without the knowledge of my husband or closest friend, started researching gifted children. I did not want to be ridiculed because I thought my daughter might be "special". There finally came a time, close to her third birthday, I sought professional help. (Writing these words makes me laugh even now) Testing was, of course, suggested and needless to say she was off the charts.

At this same time, I was blessed with another "early" Indigo. This beautiful daughter was the yin side of her older sister's yang personality. She uses her balanced heart and right brain to create peace out of chaos and turmoil. My second angel embodies the peacekeeping Libra Goddess. Unlike her sister's left brain/ analytical style, Ms. Libras chooses the arts to bring the New World through its birthing process.

My Indigos, gifts from the Gods, were my subtle torment, but very much my salvation. As a single mother with two children under the age of three I needed help. I also needed to learn a lot about life. I did not know immediately, but soon learned, "When the student is ready, the teacher(s) appear". To this day, much like Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder, their words of knowledge and observations of my darkside, bring me to attention as I occasionally slip into old patterns and beliefs.

This was my basic training for my later exposure and work with these mystifying humans. The range of personalities, emotions, and experiences is like the pendulum on a huge clock. On the right swing, you can know the highest joy. On the left swing, you get the deepest sorrow. Right swing, love. Left swing, fear. Hyperactive/Comatose, Spiritual/Atheist, Passive/Aggressive, Egotistical/Worthless, Communicative/Autistic. If you don't understand the new generation, take a step back and you will see they are the ALL. They represent the unification of ALL THAT IS.

Years ago, as an architectural interior designer, I was intuitive enough to realize children's environments played an important part in their development. I saw children who had their room designed by loving parents, search out other avenues of expressing their individuality. These children would, more often than not, spend time away from home. They preferred to spend their time at friends' homes, libraries, or the local malls. I discovered children who played an active role in choosing the elements for their "sacred space" would not only spend more time there, but their space was often the hangout for the kids who wanted to escape their own rooms.

Over the years, my journey led me to pioneer the awakening of feng shui to the Western World. My understandings and intuitive connection with environmental energies opened doors for me to assist the blossoming of young hearts and minds. As these children are allowed to open more freely, their parents and teachers find harmony and joy replacing struggles and discord.

In the next three blogs I will list some of the basic environmental conditions that can adversely affect, not only Indigo and autistic children, but all of us. Some of the topics we will look at include:

I. Electromagnetic fields

II Color and patterns

III. Geopathic stress and magnetic fields

IV. The location of children's room in the home

V. Noise and music

The greatest environmental toxin our culture is currently exposed to is the inescapable electromagnetic fields generated everywhere we go. Our society is bombarded with the luxury of the quick, fast, economical fuel of the times. What is the unseen cost, however?

I have worked for several years with children and adults with ADD/ADDHD. There is no coincidence the emergence of these disorders coincides with the acquisition of personal computers, video games, multiple televisions per household, cell phones, microwave ovens, IPods, etc. We have literally "plugged" ourselves into electrical overload! We wonder why we are buzzing with hyperactivity and lack of focus. My answer is "DUH!" In my practice of environmental healing and clearing, miracles literally manifest when we unplug, especially sensitive children, and allow our bodies to rebalance and heal from electrical shock.

I continue to be amazed when I walk into children's rooms that contain equipment such as computers, stereos, televisions, video games, clock radios, and more. My clients often complain their children are either lethargic or hyperactive, usually the latter. Often, when I suggest the simple remedy for most of these physical and mental complaints is to remove these devices, the parents are afraid to take the stand and confront the foe, even if it means a better life for all. I must, at that point, remember we all have free will and I can only make suggestions based on my professional expertise. If they want to have their children on drugs and bouncing off walls, that is their choice.

A few years ago, I was referred by a pediatrician to perform some energy healing on an autistic child. Billy, not his real name, underwent serious back surgery the first of that year, and had just broken his upper arm. The break required two steel rods to heal the fracture. The doctor called me hoping the energy work would accelerate the healing process.

When I arrived at Billy's home I immediately began to "feel" and see the AMP's he was surrounded by. In the room where he spends most of his day, there was a big screen TV. (More like a theater screen than TV). There was the usual stereo, light fixtures, etc. in the same room. Upon my request, I was allowed to examine the rest of the home. Billy's bedroom was adjacent to the wall where the big screen TV was located. Billy's bed was located where his head was against an outside wall where the main electrical lines for the house come in directly above his head. This arrangement was only the beginning. Within a couple of hundred feet of this outside wall, there was a very busy California highway and high line electrical poles, easily exposing Billy through the window directly above his crown chakra.

I pointed these strong influences out to the parents and suggested they might try relocating Billy's bed, or better yet, get a smaller television and relocating the electrical boxes. They quickly admitted that it seemed to make sense, but the thought of giving up the big screen TV was more than they were willing to entertain. It just wasn't going to happen, no way no how. Not even if it meant that Billy could benefit from the adjustments.

A couple of days later, I received another call from Billy's doctor. The steel rods holding Billy's bones together inside the cast had mysteriously twisted drastically, requiring another surgery to correct the arm. This time, the surgeon put in titanium rods instead of steel. The perplexing thing to all the doctors was "How on earth did the frail child twist those steel rods in his arm while in the cast?" I think I have a possible answer, however the doctors are not in a position to consider anything this progressive.

Perhaps, just perhaps, could the magnetics generated in Billy's environment have created a vortex strong enough to magnetize the steel rods in Billy's arm and twist them, even in the cast? Referencing some of Dan Winter's work on magnetics, geopathic stress and vortexes, I believe it is possible. Dan Winter did extensive studies on electromagnetic fields and magnetics in the 1980's. His work with geopathic stress and ley lines also coordinates the formation of vortexes and the affects it has on our bodies. IF, just IF, these unseen forces can literally bend steel rods attached to bone within a firm casting, what could these forces be doing to the rest of our bodies? Scoliosis, MS, ADD, who knows what else? By the way, the titanium rods have did not shift.

As we continue, in the forthcoming blogs, to explore the human/environment connection, I hope that we pay particular attention to the needs of our children. For the most part, I believe that we need to ask the young what they need and want in terms of their environment. I have found that they will know the exact color they need in their rooms for their comfort, joy and well being. My stance on color and design is to let them direct the course of their development. I believe, however, that we need to stand fast in our position as parents and educators when it come to safety. Electromagnetic fields are not healthy, despite the attempts by the government and development companies to downplay the affect they have on us. Please, have the courage to limit the exposure your children have to these harmful fields. We will all benefit from the calm, focused environment we can create by "unplugging".


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