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Magnesium Deficiency

It has obviously been several months since I last posted a blog. The reason is my recent knowledge of and obsession with researching magnesium deficiency. This obsession has been fueled by the incredible lack of public awareness of this common health problem. The search for knowledge has led me down a very long rabbit hole, from which, I am just beginning to surface.

Today's email message from Neale Donald Walsch led me to stop and take the time to post a few links and share with you some of my findings. Here is Neale's message:

On this day of your life, Shari, I believe God wants you to know...

...that the fastest way to learn something is to teach it.

Do not wait, therefore, until you "know all about it" or

have "mastered" what you wish to share before you

begin to share it.

The world needs more of what you wish to learn

more of. So teach. Share. Help others. And do not

worry so much about what you "don't know." Worry

about what you don't do. Because you are robbing us

while you are waiting to become an "expert."

You know exactly why you heard this today.

So, with the message clearly understood, I share with you a few of the articles and sites available online for your review and discernment. You, too, may go down the Google Rabbit Hole in a quest for more information and enlightenment.

It has been a wake-up call not only for me and other healers I share insights with but most of my clients as well. I have started using magnesium oil, scrubs and gels in my Gua Sha treatments. I also now sell magnesium products so that my clients have ready access to its healing properties.

It is my hope that this information will benefit you and others in your search for better health and more a peaceful life.


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