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Oh place like home! But where the heck is Home?

Yes, many of us have been asking that question the last few months and especially the last couple of weeks. The recent energies felt by Sensitives and Awakened Ones have been intense. That overload includes having no idea where we are or where we are going. It seems that many of us are "stuck" between worlds and/or dimensions. The word "Stuck" seems to be at the forefront of the current shift we are experiencing. We seem to be in a fog, ungrounded, unsure of ourselves and confused as to where/when we are currently residing in our previous concept of time and space.

The other word that seems to have recently entered into our state of being is "Change". The big "C" word. Yes, Change is all around us. The frustrating thing is, we don't have a clue what is changing or where that Change is taking us. My personal experience and intuition is leading me deep into the state of Surrender and Trust. Trust and Surrender are tough ones for humans. Those states of Being are, however, the golden keys to walking through the state of Change.

No amount of power, pushing, pulling, intention making, or envisioning can propel us easily or successfully through Change (at least not in this energy). The new energies are about allowing the process to unfold from our Higher Selves rather than our human egos and minds thinking ourselves into the new reality. This new reality is one that is going to be created from a new perspective. This will come only from a Higher Perspective. The mind, for a lot of us, feels a sense of the crazies. The mind is being replaced by a new and more balanced way of Being. Our Being is no longer driven by thoughts from the mind. Thus, the mind is experiencing a real sense of death. That death is like drowning where the mind is flailing around, screaming and yelling for help knowing it's demise is imminent. The mind will not die, but It's perceived experience is one of death. It is truly not dying, it is just being demoted in It's power over us. Oh goodness, how it will struggle and annoy us to hold onto the illusion of It's power over us!! In truth, if we are lucky, it will die trying to hold on!

The greatest challenge through this torturous period is to not beat up on ourselves, think we have "lost it" and continue to hold on to our known delusional reality. This adventure is just that! A Great Adventure. Humankind has never been here before. Those of us crazy enough or brave enough to continue to travel this road are often judged as being off our rockers. In actuality (the actuality outside the box) we are the trailblazers. We are the New Ones we have been waiting for. We are the creators of New Earth. We are the Peace Keepers. We are the "I AM".

Hold on Dear Ones, that are led to this blog.... HOLD ON!!!

Recent astrological alignments, sunflares, Earth shifts, and continued unrest by the masses, are helping us move forward. It is difficult for many of us to feel or see this movement,,,,but it will be like a sling shot. We are only in the backward motion of collecting energy for the rapid propulsion forward. We ARE on target. Our aim IS truly on course. We are just collecting all the energy possible to make the perfect shot.

HOLD ON!! HAVE FAITH AND TRUST! Know we are in this together and we are the I AM!!

With love to each of you that has the fortitude to continue. Many blessings.

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