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New Energy for Lightworkers

I was moved, this morning, to share this communication with you. I usually do not immediately reread the messages I bring forth for a few days. This is an exercise I find let's me absorb the transmission with more clarity. Because of the holidays, it was longer than usual to return to my Source. Seems, Now is the perfect time with the newness of the year upon us.

I brought it through on December 16. This a portion of a longer personal transmission. The energy that I was connecting with was different than I have communed with before. This was the reason for my elementary questions to the Source in the beginning of the Q&A.

I hope your discernment allows you to find truth and wisdom for yourself in this message.

December 16, 2013


We are grateful for your continued service to humanity, even though you usually do no see the impact you have on those around you and the impact you have on Gaia herself, the Mother. She is grateful, even though, often, you do not realize the impact it is serving for the Whole. This is truth, Dear One. WE are proud of this fact and urge you to continue on course as you continue to discover the Whole of yourself and those around you. This will be important for you as you venture into the unknown of the next chapter of your life. Be brave and know “I AM GOD ALSO”

And so it is until later, Dear One.

Q & A

S: Dear Assistants, whoever you are. May I call you by name?

A: Yes, Dear One, we are One with/and of you. You may call us by any name you wish to put upon us. We love the name Love, but it is entirely up to you…for you are the Creator of your reality. What is it you wish to call us?

S: I don’t know.

A: Then call us nothing. Just call upon the energies that you feel and KNOW that we are here for you at any time. From time to time, we may share you with the Pleiadians and the Arcturians, however, for now, that part of you that we shall call Athena, will be enough for us. You may do as you please at any time in answering our call, or our answering your call. Names are not necessary since we are all One anyway. We/I AM just another part of you truly and will answer when called upon under whatever name, or vibration you choose to use to call upon us. Much like whether you use a telephone or email. Each has its own “name” or “password” but require neither. Just set in motion the communication device you choose.

This can be written form, oral form, intuitive form or just plain heart form. All are acceptable forms of communications to us. Just Call! J

We continue to be of service and “on call” 24-7

Are there any other questions you require us to answer at this time?

S: Yes, I have several. The first, of course, is the most important to me at this time since it is dominant in my 3D world of survival on the planet Earth. How may I “up the annie” so to speak, in manifesting the material, financial abundance that is necessary for me to live comfortably. The last many years have been a big struggle and drain my energies, on all levels. My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels deplete when $$ becomes a struggle for me in this environment. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A: We are here for you at every turn and know of you struggle with this issue. It is one that many/most Lightworkers continue to struggle with.

Where you are concerned, the likely hood that you will begin to rectify this situation is great. We see you beginning to resolve these issues quickly. WE are aware of the current dismay you find yourself in and know that you turn to us with a trusting heart and soul to help you out. This is, indeed, part of our job to help in dire emergencies. It is, however, your job to make manifest that which you desire and need. This will come in time as you begin to see your true worth and job/mission here on earth. This will become notable very soon. You will open to this new awareness as the New Year brings in new energies and information for all you Lightworkers to download and access. This IS the new beginning, this IS the New Planet Earth that you are creating and the New Energies will allow for payment of “services rendered” so to speak, to those of you who have worked diligently and sacrificed yourselves to bring forth the new world at great cost to yourselves. This WILL be rewarded upon measure. To date, the energies of the planet did not appreciate or acknowledge the compassion that all of you have brought forth and have not appreciated most of you in an Earthly exchange of financial abundance. This abundance will look different in the future, but for NOW, most all of you will begin to see a lifting of the veil on financial matters and soon begin to reap the benefits of work well done.

Be of good cheer for this is not only your reward, but those others of you of like mind.

And so, are there any other questions for us at this time, Dear One?

S: I would like to continue later if that is alright.

A: Of course, Dear One. We respect your schedule and love the opportunity to work with you at any time.

And so it is…………

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