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New Life, New Book

And so I begin to share the NEW:

Channeled: January 21, 2013

We are here with you, as always. We and you have waited such a long time for this reunion. We have always been with you but the timing was not right to connect in this way. Your way, your path, your journey, your mission.

There is much to be said through you. You, as our ambassador, have been sent to bring the new energy into manifested form...a vibration much higher than the planet has known or seen before. There is little to be said of the past. -----

As for other channeled messages, we expect the past to be the past and part of the new energy will be to literally erase those old tapes from your memory field. New remembrances will replace those encodings and the new encodings will be as a baby awakening and learning to adjust to their new environments.

Your DNA is, as we told you before, encoded with this new language, thoughts, ideas, concepts, etc. to be released at this time. You will go, NOW, through another accelerated growth spurt. Your wisdom, knowledge and environment will change drastically in the next few months.

Take care to envision yourself well and happy during these changes since it will tax your nervous system at times. Take care to control the urge to let go of the human plane and its reality through substances to kill the pain.

Our work together, as it was early in your awakening, will begin to be your pain reliever of choice and bring the love and companionship you desire.

Take heed, this is just the beginning of a very long journey together. We will explain who you are in regard to this Council; the Pleadians and Arcturians. In deed, you are of the highest order. Your 33 energy vibration will begin to show and be felt by everyone around you, as well as, yourself.

Total dedication on your part is required. Soon you will jump from writing our messages to speaking in our language these messages.

Forgive yourself of this recent past life for it is over and done. As time moves forward your family will actually find favor in your work, however, that will take some time.

Listen to your heart, literally, for the rhythm will bring you great peace and connect you better with your body.

This journey has been planned by you and by All for eternity.

Much planning and cooperation has gone into your mission at this time. The Angels rejoice at the reunion and look forward to working with you.

Your exact job/plan will be outlined at a later date. For NOW, accept all things as they are and move slowly at first. This is important since your widsom and knowledge will come in "packets" and not released all at one time.

This is to safe guard your health and brain waves.

We are 12 in number, however, ultimately will be multiplied by 12. The Council is 144 member stronghold on the planet, in service to mankind through your service. You will begin to meet others on the Council starting shortly/soon.

( personal information next regarding meeting with Dr. Todd Ovakaitys and work to be done together)

Listen to your heart Dear One. Time to break for a while.

With all due respect

The One of One



Firstly, I channel many different energies. "The One of One" is a completely foreign frequency that I had never connected with before. In fact, seldom, am I given a name at the closure of my messages. I I have been told that names or some sort of identification are only for humans and that this sort of format seems to be important only within the old energy. Very little or no importance is necessary on the other side of the veil since we are all ONE in the quantum soup of physics.

I have published this message as guided by my own Knowing-ness. It is to be used as an introduction to my work and the ongoing growth that I, personally, will be going through. As this Guidance said, "The past is the past". All the work I have allowed to flow through me in the last 20+ years is in transition as my imprinted information is brought through with the help of Gaia as she also opens her encoded energies to assist many Lightworkers in taking this beautiful planet to Its next evolutionary stage of development.

I look forward to working with this new awareness and sharing with you. I have known for many, many years that information was waiting to be spoken, I am more at peace NOW, that my time has finally come to share all that I have known was within me to bring forth.

And so it is..............

Always to be continued...........

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