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No Time No Space yet again

This morning I returned to write the rest of my July blog and found I did not finish or publish my June message. With that will be published in the NOW! :) Funny thing is, I started both messages the same way without realizing it. Obviously the energies have just continued as July moves forward. We are still experiencing much of the Same-Ole, Same-Ole. Alas......

Oh my, Oh is already June 2014. Time, or our perception of time/space, is speeding by us and within us. I, personally, have pretty much lost all concept of what day it is, much less what time of day I am experiencing.

Since my daughter's wedding on May 3 my life has taken a slower cadence. For the first two weeks upon my return there was a period of intense clearing and emotional detoxification. This time was interesting for me to watch as an observer. I did not realize at the time that it was a time for many individuals to cleanse and detox too. Emotions were on high alert for many and physical symptoms seemed to be sinus drainage, sore throats and upper respiratory congestion. Some, or all of these symptoms, have held on for the last month. While I went through this process in early May, I am hearing from clients, friends and students that they are just Now creating these annoying physical shifts.

The slow down of schedule has also given me "time" to catch up on home chores and recreate some New in my living environment. This was much needed as the "time" has come for a new chapter in our lives. Those of us aware of the current shifts (especially since 2012) are slowly but surely opening ourselves to change and new directions. For the forerunners of the New Energy/New World it seems to have taken forever!! The sense of being "stuck" or feeling the energies of an unknown, unseen death have been challenging to go through with ease and grace. For most of us, our patience in waiting for the new energies to settle upon and within us is maxed out.

Our human-ness cries out,

"When are we going to get on with what we came here to do? We do not see our intended creations being manifested in 3D! What the hell???? I'm tired, I WANT TO GO HOME! The rest of you guys WAKE UP already!!!!"

As we observe the other aspects and people in our lives we can not overlook the rage that is escalating at a rapid speed also. Road rage is every where it seems. Here is West Texas everyone is complaining about the lack of awareness of people driving and the reckless behavior of so many people behind the wheel. This lack of awareness of others in a space continues in the shopping malls and grocery stores. Many of us have changed our shopping schedule to go early in the morning so as to avoid all the "crazies" that come out later in the day. Getting to and from the stores seem to be dangerous enough, but shopping isles become treacherous and require the skills similar to walking through a field of land mines. I find myself dodging to and fro trying to avoid the unconscious shoppers that have no idea that anyone else exist in the store, or the planet for that matter.

To be continued in July.......

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