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No Time No Space continues

Since my post about an empath's journey into the quantum levels, I have really delved deep to the core of an experience I had almost a month ago to find my truth of the experience.

I was at an amazing museum opening of a One-Man-Show that a friend of mine was invited to create. He texted me shortly before the opening reception that he had no idea the culmination of his talents and efforts (when brought together in one room) could produce such an intense emotional reaction within him. I was excited for him but was not prepared for my own reaction upon entering the gallery.

The presentation was of the famous gathering of Kumbh Mela in India. The showing was at the Museum of the Southwest here in Midland, Texas.

As I entered the gallery few people had arrived. Without warning I, too, had an extraordinary experience. I literally felt as if I had entered the Sacred Room of an ancient Temple. This temple felt like it had not been disturbed for many years and was awaiting the unveiling of Its treasures by the chosen Explorer who would venture into the wholeness of Its contents. This was the beginning of a very interesting evening for me personally.

Greg Davis, the Explorer/photographer, quickly made his way to my side as I entered. We exchanged our "feelings" and he graciously introduced me to his family. It did not take long, within the energy of the conversation with them, to tap-into the power of the art work. I did not realize at the time the magnitude of the power that the art had over me.

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