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Silence is Golden

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can. For two weeks I have chanted, in one form or another, this affirmation. I knew I could write the next two articles on environmental contamination despite the inner Silence that I entered into when my pen went to paper.

This morning I asked myself what the block was. I immediately knew I have reached a point in my journey where Silence has become my most precious blessing. The rare, scarce, joy of Silence has become my most coveted prize and possession.

Living in Southern California and traveling constantly I came to the realization I have unconsciously been on a quest to satisfy my obsession for this intangible, elusive luxury. I speak of it here as a luxury, however, I know it is as necessary for the survival of mankind as food and water.

As a mass culture, we have polluted our water and food, pushing us to accept inferior quality to support our sacred body temples. Much like buying zircons instead of diamonds, or electroplate instead of gold, those of us on the search gratefully relish quasi-quiet as a substitute for the true jewel of Silence.

In the joyful reunion with Silence we hear the song of Spirit. We can hear our own song. We can hear the song of the One. Through Silence we reconnect with the ultimate vibration of the Universe. Yet, it seems out of our reach.

Is it any wonder our planet is unraveling and frayed at the ends? In Southern California, the closest thing to quiet I can find is in the Barnes and Noble. What a sad state of affairs!

As we unplug our children and ourselves from the toxic electromagnetic environments, we must unplug from outside noise. Side effects are common during the detoxification process, especially for the children born into this audio madness. Hysteria, crying, anger, and hostility are the most immediate reactions that manifest when TVs, stereos, computers, phones and iPods are turned off. Restlessness, inability to fall asleep, lack of focus and nervousness accompany the first several weeks of withdrawal. Feelings of being lost, unconnected with life and fear of the unknown can persist for months.

Children and teens, more often than not, will react with rage, verbal threats, and abuse. Tantrums and confrontations are to be expected. During the initial stages of release, parents' strength, courage, determination and love will be tested to the highest level. The separation of noise and humans can be even more devastating to adults than to the young. Our addiction, denial and protective defenses have been cemented into every cell of our body for many years. The stronghold is not easy to disarm, but the rewards can, literally, be eternal.

The World Health Organization is even aware of the physical, mental, and spiritual devastation noise contamination has on humans. They had a task force working on the affects of noise pollution. They have several papers on occupational and community noise. There is an interesting one out of Europe Previously there was one out of the United States, however, it has been taken off the site except in other languages. They also have an amazing project geared to educate professionals working to help protect children against noise pollution. These papers do not even start to approach the public bombardment of Muzak, televisions, and teleprompters we cannot escape in stores, restaurants, filling stations, even doctor's offices and hospitals, or merely sitting at red lights.... but it is a great start.

In my feng shui practice I strive to create harmony between environments and people. Attempts to go "cold turkey" from media devices are never well accepted by my clients. I have found, however, an amazing compromise. I have never seen this adjustment fail to alter family relationships and attitudes.

I have my clients play high vibration (vibration not in the sense of higher bass or tweeters) music in the common living areas of their homes. Family rooms and kitchens are the main focus. High vibration music includes: classical, new age, even whale and dolphin sounds. Research has found that autistic children are soothed and respond positively to the whale and dolphin sounds. Optimum success is achieved by playing these compositions all day while most people are at work or school.. These sound patterns literally heighten the vibrations of the home, creating a more inviting place to come home to and live in. (In offices this schedule can be reversed and play can be done overnight.)

For years I have witnessed teens leaving their own music to "hang out" more in the kitchen and family room after this treatment. They don't know why they gravitate to these areas. They say, "It just feels good". Even if the prescribed music is turned off upon arrival, the clearing is effective for hours....or at least until the television is turned on and alters the effect. Ultimately, the environment will keep this vibration as a standard.

An excellent reference book for sound therapy is Music Therapy for Non-Musicians by Ted Andrews. His work with the effects of different kinds of music on our physical and mental bodies can help us all begin this transformation of change with very little effort.

The revolutionary findings of Dr. Masaru Emoto on the molecular changes sound and written word have on water crystals confirms our environment can alter us on all levels.

As parents, we are challenged with setting boundaries and being good role models for our children. If Silence unnerves us to a point of fear or uneasiness, then the least we can do is alter the frequency of the sound we surround ourselves with at home, office and automobile. I guarantee after practicing these principles for two weeks, you will witness a difference in family life. After six months, a new family paradigm can be in place.

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