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Oh MY!

Month after month after month the Forerunners of the new energy have waited and anguished looking for signs of new life to manifest. Alas....seems, at times, too little too late.

OH MY, OH MY! We, as a collective are tired, bored, disillusioned and ready to "go Home". The collective mind set seems to be "I can't take any more". "I'll leave and come back when the rest of humanity is ready for me and the other Lightworkers that have worked so hard for so long.

I have not written much here in a while due to personal demands, challenges and the lack of passion to step-up-to-plate again. I, like millions of other Forerunners, are ready to throw in the towel.

The extreme energies of the last 18 months have been taxing on so many. Emotions are running high. ALL emotions are being expressed. Personally, I will be on the verge of a full blown crying binge, the next minute I will find myself full of anger .....not knowing why I need to cry or why I am angry. It all seems to come and go without warning or control. I realize I am an empath of other peoples' feelings but I have also realized many of these extreme emotional shifts are my "stuff". These fits seem to manifest much like a tsunami. The waters/emotions pull back suddenly before the full force of the power serge hits.

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