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Purge of Beliefs

I have been going through years of teaching materials that I have not looked at for quite some time. My goal was to purge what no longer seems appropriate in the new energies and recycle paper in my office.

I have found some gems that I need to resurrect and share again during these intense energies of change and self reflection on the planet.

And so I share my insights from 2005

Belief Purge

1. Do I utilize this belief or use it for the "Highest good of All" on a daily basis?

2. Do I NEED this belief to survive?

3. Does this belief bring joy into my life?

4. Is this belief in some way broken, damaged, or inoperable in my life NOW?

5. Have I outgrown this belief to where it feels small and limiting me?

6. Would this belief benefit me and others if it was magnified 100 times in strength?

7. What image, thought or energy is this belief sending to the Universe for me?

8. Does this belief bring in past energy that has negative thoughts, memories or emotions associated with it?

9. Is this belief worth carrying around with me for the rest of my life?

10. Will this belief bring joy, pleasure and comfort to my heirs and future generations?

11. Do I have the courage to let go of this belief no matter what others think, or what their reactions are to this change?

Copyright 2005

Shari Clemens

As we continue to create our next reality and create the foundation for future generations to base their lives upon, let us support each other through personal trials and errors with understanding and compassion. Humans have never experienced the situations we currently live in on Planet Earth. Technology, spirituality, physical-mental-emotional evolution is pulling and shaking mankind up at a warp speed.

The fear of failure in Change and New can limit our abilities to manifest the abundant, peaceful lives that we all wish to enjoy. This fear is based on our giving our personal power and self worth to other individuals that may not have the courage or foresight that we have in this current space of time.

I encourage all that read this blog to have the courage to fly, with ease and grace, through your transformation into the new You, the new World, the new Whatever that you can imagine. Have the courage, strength and wisdom to bring forth that which your powerful/loving Imagination sees for you and your Earthly family. Listen to the small voice within that is asking your I AM presence to come forth and imagine Big. Imagine Unlimited. Imagine Miracles.

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