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Texans in the Dark part 1

After two days of warmer weather, Texans are finally thawing out and wondering what on earth happened to them last week? Unusual single digit temperatures hit the state like an apocalypse or The Rapture. In a matter of just a few short hours the state was literally frozen and in the dark. Seemingly, the Texas independent power grid operated by ERCOT company was powerless (no pun intended) to supply some 5 million Texans with ample energy to weather the storm. Thousands fled their homes looking for shelter to keep warm and provide water for their families. Many just had to hunker down and do the best they could until the sun began to shine again. The state was in chaos and mainstream media and politicians began throwing stones at anyone and everyone that seemed easy targets for the mayhem.

On a quest for truth, outside my education and mainstream programming, for over 30 years I began to put my alternative knowledge to use by asking questions. Something to me, and others like me, just was not making sense last week in Texas. So, we began to search for answers.

Here are some of the roads many of us went down and how one road led us to another and then to another. One puzzle piece would fit, then another piece would surface until many questions were being answered that were "in the dark" and buried deep in our political, religious, social programming and educational systems.

As always, I take great pride in doing diligent research and provide evidence that can not be disputed. Often throughout each day I send up my favorite prayer. "Tell me what it is I need to know." The petition for guidance has served me well for many years. Below I will share information some of you may or may not be aware of. With that information, there may come with it dialogue of explanation how it fits into our current drama here in Texas. In some cases, I may just send messages with links and commentary that were sent to me (I believe) in response to my request for Divine information. I will just sometimes copy them to these blogs for ease in sharing. I have, of course, researched all the information that I will share and it has been confirmed by several other well respected sources.

It is my desire that you will use your own discernment with this information but be guided to more aware states of reality that you may not have had before. Thank all of you that have shared some of this information and for all of my readers that are interested in learning more of the world around them.


I know so many of you, especially from the Kryon FB page, are most anxious to know about the grid failure we had last week here in Texas. SO, I will share with some of that information and links first and move on to the topic of the weather strangeness.

First and foremost, ERCOT, the company that has responsibility for our "independent" power grid system in most (but not all) of Texas does not have total control of the supply sources it has access to. ERCOT, is actually at the mercy of the federal Department of Energy in Washington, DC. Come to find out, under environmental protection guidelines, ERCOT is not allowed to use all of its generators and some energy resources. Under these guidelines and limitations, ERCOT sent a request to the DOE to approve opening up more power to Texans during this emergency. Here is that request from ERCOT.

Here then, is the response from the DOE:

It has come to me that after the release of more power that certain individuals, companies and financial institutions began to shut down oil and gas pumps that are never affected by extremes in weather. This made many living and working close to these energy producing resources perplexed. To date, I do not personally have confirmed/reliable links or documents supporting this tip, however, I will post if/when that becomes available to me.

I will continue this blog in an additional post.

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