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Texans in the Dark part 3

With part 1 and part 2 being shared, I hope to begin at the beginning of this story. The storm itself.

I first found out about HAARP in the mid '90's. All of this technology was kept very well hidden for years. Only in the last decade or so, I would say, has the secret been exposed via the internet to many.

All I will do for you in this post is link you to HAARP information, both old and new sources. It will be up to you to decide if it bares any part in the recent experiences of Texas' week in darkness.

This is just regarding the HAARP technology. There are multiple ways that are available to tweak with us and all of planet earth.


Here is the original documentary (probably the first) to expose this technology. Actually, it was a Kryon follower in the 90's that was able to get in, undercover, to film.

This is a GREAT new video that someone sent to me. It gives a lot of current info


Trump warned

This should get you started. There is sooo much available now for you to find on your own.

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