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The Opening of Divine Essence

Recently I went through a week of what seemed to be strange cosmic messages for me. I was seeing broken eggs everywhere I went. At first, I thought it was just the area around our local duck pond where my darling Yorkshire Terrier and I walk almost every morning. The awareness of these accidents seemed strange to me, however. Each time I would come upon the, NOW, common scene I would get that inner twinge that only comes when my intuition tries to get my attention. I, then, started coming across this same message of "broken eggs" in front of stores and in my neighborhood. I had to take these constant clues seriously!

It was my mission, next, to decipher the hidden message that my Spirit was bringing forth for me to ponder. I was sure that it must be important for my next phase of growth for the symbol was persistent in bringing my attention to these unusual occurrences.

I began to meditate on the image in my inner being. I asked Higher Self and Divine Wisdom for the meaning of this calling. I went through all the Feminine, Birth, Rebirth, Protective Shell, Broken-ness, Scrambled feelings and other possible references that it might be symbolizing. After a couple days of not really feeling the Truth of any of these energies, nor experiencing that enlightening "AHA" moment that comes when we hit upon the Rightness of our understanding, I decided to post this quandary to my two favorite Facebook groups. The post created quite an interesting conversation for both groups. Most of what others of like-mind were sharing was very similar to my original musings.

It was a day or two after the posts were written that I was in the shower (my blessed place of inspiration and higher connection) that the answer came.

Essence of Life/Essence of Creation

That was it!

The new energies are literally cracking open and freeing the "Essence" of our being. The fragile veil that we have lived behind for all these lifetimes is now cracking open to expose our Essence. Our Essence that is the Source of our creations. We will now be experiencing and creating from our Being-ness from our Essence not from our usual human embodiment. We are evolving into manifesting life from that Divine purity of Essence which needs not create a body of matter (ala chick or baby duck). We are now exposing and creating from our Essence which, in our mental state, has no form.

We are now free from the protective shell that we have used as humans to shelter the Essence of our creative Being that would only open when we had created our desires and Being-ness into Form. We have evolved to where we Now spew our True Self, our Essence into the New Earth. This new way of creating life is coming directly from our Source of Creation. There is no longer a need to create matter that will then be called Life. Our Source, Our Essence is now free to Be Life.

The concept is very difficult to share in words. The Concept, The AHA, The Truth and the knowing-ness comes not from the mind, but rather through the feeling of its resonance within. My personal shell has been opened wider than ever before. This newness may take some time to assimilate and may be a challenge to learn anew how to navigate our current environment from a new formless state of existence. I see in the mirror the human form of a woman, however it must be the Light Body that we have been aiming to evolve into that may be much different than we had imagined it would be.

This transition into a new way of creating/living will be interesting for all of us to walk through. The cracking of the chrysalis is opening to allow that beautiful Being of Light to fly.

I give great gratitude, love and respect to all those that aided me in this awakening process. Thank you Dear Family for being with me at this Grand Time of Shift.

And so it is.

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