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The Path of the Lightworker

The Path of the Lightworker........hum........why, oh why? do we continue? I have been pondering this for several weeks now. I feel like I am on a hamster wheel and can't get off. And truth be known, in my heart, I don't want to. BUT, my God........why do we do it to ourselves? Is there really a way of evolving with ease and grace???

I was pondering this as I was on my FB page this morning. Before I knew it, this came through me....thought I would share here...for not many Newbies or unaware Souls will find their way to my blog.

This is dedicated to all who have chosen to climb the mountain with me, no matter which mountain you are on

FACEBOOK post 2.19.14

For those of you who do not have a clue what the Awakening or Ascension process is all about,,,,,then none of my recent or current posts will make a bit of sense. But for those of you who are on the Road Less Traveled....

I just gave myself a very good vision of my journey. It is like I was at the foot of Mount Everest some 25ish years ago and decided I needed an adventure. SO, I started to climb, and climb and climb. I would reach a peak, then decided I would go down, down, down. At the bottom, I would decide that sucked and the "high" was UP. So I would begin again, this time perhaps on a little different path so as to experience something new, but with the same goal in mind/heart. I would climb, climb, climb and reach another peak (perhaps a bit higher) but then would descend yet again, except this time I would not go to the base of the mountain.

This up/down/up/down lifestyle, as you can imagine, can be exhausting, challenging, exhilarating, frustrating, and ALWAYS a yearning in my soul and heart that I must continue my quest....never really knowing why, or to where I really wish to go, but none the less..........I Must continue! WTF, you may ask.

Well, Dear Ones........ask the millions of us on the planet that are on Path. And WHY don't we just stop?

Wish I could answer that........alas! IF anyone one can give me an answer other than "Once you start, you just can't go back" then please step forward. Guess we've seen the Pink Elephant and can't unsee it now.

Sigh.........Pod Poc........yet another day in Paradise. xoxo

This is really too short for my blog, so you guys get to hear my wisdom and 'whatever'.

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Lucas M
Lucas M
Aug 31, 2021

Appreciate you bloggiing this

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