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To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn

As I begin this message I am reminded of the 1965 song "Turn, Turn, Turn" by the Byrds. I remember it well and today I resonate with it more than ever. The lyrics are based of the Holy Bible's scripture Ecclesiastes-3-Verses-1-8

4 years ago I went through another huge life changing experience. I was cleared, yet again, of relationships, jobs, friends, family and even a beloved Jeep. Like so many of us, these kinds of detox are happening more and more as we are called to change and set a new course in the way mankind lives, works, loves and worships.

Change and New are the buzz words of our current World state of existence. Our technology is a prime indicator at the speed in which each individual and the planet, as a whole, is being called to move, think and react at an accelerated speed. No longer is the status quo comforting or allowed. The Planet and mass consciousness are pushing us at warp speed to create a new world. It is obvious that if we try to hold on to "what was" or our previous understanding of "normal" we will surely be shaken in some way to find that those old beliefs and ways of being will not work any more.

3 years ago I was awakened in the middle of the night with messages of future potentials for myself and the planet as a whole. It matters not where that information or origin of thought came from, for I knew that I was being prepared for a new life.

In those wee hours of the morning, I "heard" and fully understood a concept of "Time Capsules" within the energy of the Planet. What I intuitively knew was that as these Time Capsules of embedded information within the planet began to open, that my own DNA would also open to new information that was embedded within me that I was to begin to share and teach.

I was told that my real life's mission was only beginning and that the first 60 years of my life were just a waiting game. That waiting game was based on what mass consciousness chose to create in the last 50 years. Were we going to self destruct or were we going to choose to evolve to a higher consciousness? My awareness was that if Mankind, did indeed, pass the predicted marker of December 21, 2012 the Time Capsules would begin to open and my encoded blueprint of knowledge would be accessible to share. If the planet did not move past 2012 it would all be for not.

To my great surprise one Sunday morning in late 2012, I was visiting Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California and heard Reverend Michael Beckwith talk about spiritual Time Capsules! Then, in 2013, Lee Carroll began channeling information about Time Capsules and how Dr. Todd Ovikaitys was helping open these capsules of wisdom via vibrational toning!! Needless to say, I knew my time had finally arrived and that soon I would reveal the knowledge I had known for ages that I held within.

I venture to say, that if you have found your way to this blog you will (in some way) resonate with the esoterics of this message.

It is in the NOW of time that I will begin to open my DNA package of information and share with you and others that which I have waited years and lifetimes to bring forth to Planet Earth and her inhabitants. As a spiritual teacher for over 20 years, it was not until NOW, that the true nature of my purpose and wisdom would be needed or understood by others ready to take the giant step into our new reality. Thank each of you for moving into the New Planet Earth. I also thank you for allowing me to fulfill my contract to It's highest potential.

I dedicate my life to be in service to the All and, to the best of my ability, help bring forth a new awareness of our role on Planet Earth to join our Universal Family in Love and Light.

And so it is.......

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