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In creating this blog, I am setting a broad intention to bring forth information about energy (in many forms) that is affecting our everyday lives. This will include how energy affects not only human-beings but how our personal experiences are affecting the Unified Field of our planet and our universe.

I will be sharing scientific information, as well as, esoteric information and experiences. The balance between the two resources will hopefully allow more readers to ponder and openly look at how they view and create the lives they live.

Much of what will be written is finally becoming accepted in mainstream America. This is exciting to me because it was only a few years ago when I talked about sun flares to people around me they would roll their eyes and give a chuckle behind my back. Things are beginning to change. Today, January 25, 2012 on Good Morning America, there was a segment on the current solar activity and how the blast causes disturbances in our planet's magnetic field. The chucklers will not be chuckling as they hear predictions on how the solar flares may cause disturbances during the Super Bowl!!!

I look forward to your feed back and hope you will share your own experiences. If you wish more information on some of the subjects, hopefully I can lead you to Internet links or published works.


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