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What a Ride!

What a ride this year (+) has been! The energies on the planet are very intense and we are moving into the end of the year that always promises to push us forward at an accelerated speed. So, my advice to all on Planet Earth, hold on for more to come!

If you follow astrology, and not just the morning "quickie" for your personal sign on a daily download to your phone, then you are aware that much has happened in 2013 to keep us constantly re-balancing our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The last big challenge was last week on October 18 when we had a major full moon eclipse then Mercury went retrograde on Monday October 21. The real truth of it, as thousands of us already have experienced, that Mercury must have decided to go backwards in early September some time. Long before the official date of Oct 21.

Have you had challenges and frustrations with your computers, phones, contacting people and in basically getting your life on track without a lot of hassles? Well, that is Mercury pushing its energetics our way and pretty much driving us crazy. For those individuals that are not aware of the planetary influence of Mercury Retrograde, it can cause much anger, rage, and over all emotional upheaval. Google "Mercury Retrograde" and see how it affects us.

Personally, I was able to travel for the last 6 out of 8 weeks and enjoy different environments. This was a pleasure for me since West Texas seems to exacerbate my dark side when energies get crazed. Eating great food, and sharing good bottles of wine with amazing high spirited Souls made my transition during this period much easier.

It has been very interesting for me to see the way I have scheduled my travels to destinations that have seemed to be in turmoil and disaster during the last several weeks. I was first in Austin, Texas where the weather was unusually hot. Then the next week I just "happened" to be in Denver/Boulder, Colorado during the major flooding there. My next stop was to Washington, DC the day after the US government decided to shutdown. That was interesting....! My trip then took me to New York City for a short stop over to tape a couple of TV shows. It is always interesting to feel the energy of NYC and how it so often will reflect the planetary/United States energy of the moment.

My last stop was clear across the US to Los Angeles, CA. Each one of my clients during this adventure had their own special challenges and environmental issues, but in S. California it seems there is always an interesting twist to my feng shui consultations. The common thread that seemed to run through my consultations in CA was the projects all seemed to be taking older homes and transforming them into a new look, a new format, a new living space and especially a new energy. This is, in my opinion, is an awesome reflection of how we all seem to be doing this to ourselves.

Many of us have been complaining about unusual aches, pains, and emotional upheavals. Well, that is what happens to us when we, as humans, begin to take ourselves from the Old Self to the New Self. Much like a major renovation on our homes, our bodies must also go through a major renovation and restructuring. It is not a real beautiful or easy process to remodel our homes, and our bodies, too, must destruct to reconstruct.

If you are one of those people who are going through such pains, please hang in there. Hopefully, in a few weeks they will lessen and you will begin to feel a New You arising from the ashes of the Old You.

I still have much to settle now that I am back in Midland so I will close for now and return with new information and insights in the next couple of days.

Until then. Stay happy, stay aware, and stay loving the experience....for it Is the perfect path Home.

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